When originally starting, our work was meant to be a transport service providing nature, where we intended to help with the supply and transport of goods across the places for reasonable prices and good quality.

However as time went on, the creator and the one who established GoldenPeak ( Mr. Gaurav Goyal ) felt the need to research further on the topic—and educate himself in the matters of transportation, what is needed, what isn’t needed and which transport materials are the most popular and in need of the services he has to offer to them.

He researched on the sources, their locations and the places which specify in the specific product he was looking to transport; via various seminars attended, orientations, and field research in Chandigarh, Delhi, and Mumbai and so on. Upon research, and based on the results, they chose to take the direction of agricultural goods transport given the demand in that direction.

Now, they find the source of a certain product they are supposed to be transporting which offers the very best quality. They do not only expertise in the agricultural aspect of the work, but also intend to vastening their horizons and take up tasks of more varied kinds, multi-products and of course, different fields. We deal in different kinds of agricultural products—the ranges of them including to different types of fruit crops, (ranging from mango, apples, bananas, pomegranate, grapes and much more staple fruits to the exotic range of tropical fruits that have to be exported into the country or are only found in certain parts of India and grown under very specific, detailed farming practices. Examples being, the star fruit, dragon fruit, cranberries and what not.) Not just this, we also provide with a variety of ranges of different types of mangos, from ‘hapus’ (Alphonso) to ‘chausa’.

In addition to this all, we provide a line of vegetable crops and spices for transportation too. Under vegetables, we have onions, tomatoes, green chilli, garlic, ginger and potatoes. And in addition to this, we also help transport spices such as kesar and so, the trade that has not only been prevalent in India ever since the middle ages—but also holds a torch in the name of Indian spice culture as we all know it.

We do not have any hidden charges that we trick our clients into any sort of extra charges; the entire deal and payment procedure is well planned and properly laid out for the client to check, along with being perfectly transparent to ensure the client knows full well of every single detail that entails the contract and the terms that may ensue when they make the contract. Not keeping our client in the dark is one of our main goals.

Our staff and workers involved in the entire process are all duteous, and respectful of the client; we promise the best possible work relationship experience for our clients and to further maintain the transparency that we promise—we keep you informed on the regular status update of your product via notifications. From loading, packaging to transport and unloading—we take responsibility for the entire process and leave little to nothing to the client to ensure your experience is comfortable and of the very best quality.

We provide twenty four hours and seven days in the week of transportation—so there is no need for the client to worry about their package being late due to the weekend coming in the way of their delivery speed. In Addition, we have a live GPS tracking your goods, and attentive customer care service which will listen to your delivery needs (each and every one of them) and guarantee solutions and help. Not only just this! We also take responsibility for the damaged goods that were soiled while in our custody, and ensure clean vehicles.

With all of this, we ensure the research we derive our products from is viable and checked. We choose our products with extra consideration and ensure the maintenance of the standard that we intend on promising our clients. On time arrival is another one of our key factors in delivery, and we abide by it through every single one of our deliveries.

As an organisation, we also ensure that there is a proper and formal documentation of every single one of our exchanges with the client, and ensure that the transparency is not only verbal, but also well written and documented in case there ever arises a need for the full proof work and applicable documents for the procedure to be carried out.

We carry out transport management, and freight management of our work as well. And we adopt a systematic, collaborative approach to our teamwork to ensure there isn’t any hustle or messes created midway through the delivery job being carried out. To add to that, we ensure to save you from any extra operational charges, for either the research or the packaging or loading / unloading process. Which in turn saves a lot of cost for our client, hence furthering our ‘client above all’ motto that we plan to go by. To make sure all these demands and standards and expectations are met, we make a point to hire the top shelf talent, and check thoroughly that every single one of our employees, not only abides by our work ethic and the professional values that we abide by, but also shares the intention of giving their very best.

And we have our user-friendly website, which can be helped to make bookings, check the frequently asked questions and the answers to them, and of course—educate oneself on every single detail of the services we provide our customers with.